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"Now YOU Can Create An Instant Flood Of Website Traffic With This Proven, Push-Button Software That Puts Your Product In Front Of Thousands Of HUNGRY Customers!

...In fact -- This No-Brainer Software Allows You To Automatically Blast Your Email Messages Safely
and Legally to Thousands of Targeted Prospects using Amazing "set and forget technology!"

safelist submitter

By Simply Pushing A Button, You Can:

  • Sell more of your product or service
  • Attract JV partners to your affiliate program
  • Gain additional subscribers to your Ezine
  • Make powerful new marketing contacts
  • ...and much much more!


From: Andre Vas
Wednesday, 10:41pm

Dear Traffic Seeker,

If you're looking for an easy way to drive targeted traffic to your website or to somebody else's affiliate program, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's what this is all about...

Imagine being able to just push a button, and walk away while this magical software does all the work for you. You can just sit back and enjoy all the benefits of having a parade of traffic coming to your site.

-- And that's EXACTLY what this recently released smoking hot piece of software does. It safely blasts your email ad to thousands of safelist subscribers... all on autopilot.

Thanks to the power of automation, for less than the cost of one lousy solo ad, you can announce your product or service to thousands of hungry customers, and gain an instant flood of targeted traffic. (DISCLAMER: This will largely be determined by how well you write your ad. But don't worry, we'll tell you how to design killer ads from scratch.)

"Hi guys I just thought I'd let you know that I just reviewed all of the popular safelist submitters on the market for my new site safelist tips site and SMASS came out on top.

I have so far not seen any other submitter match the flexibility of your software. You guys also offer great support and are always upgrading/improving your software... these are two very important things that most people overlook."

John Gorecki

"Thank you for a well thought out package of software! Your safelist submitter has helped me gain numerous hits for my website. The setup instructions and video tutorials are excellent and the complete package is an excellent investment.

I strongly recommend this product to anyone promoting a business opportunity, product or service on the Internet."

John Wheeler

This Software Will Submit Your Ads Automatically Using Our "Set It & Forget It" Technology!

If you've ever tried promoting to safelists before, you know that it can quickly become a time-consuming nightmare. It's simply not practical to spend hours manually submitting your ad to hundreds of different lists using their web forms.

Now there's a proven solution, and it's easier than you'd ever imagine...

Instead of wasting time submitting your ad manually, this revolutionary program does all the submitting for you... saving you hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars in productivity.

By using Auto Safelist Submitter you can advertise your products & services...  or announce your affiliate programs by email without fear of being accused of spam. Your email messages are only sent to people who have subscribed to double opt-in safelists, therefore you're reaching an audience of recipients who have requested your messages.

What Is a Double Opt-in Email Safelist?

Basically it's a list of email addresses of people who join and agree to receive email messages from other members on the safelist. These are smart marketers, just like you, who are excited about their business. They regularly seek out products just like yours to buy.

You're able to send your message to these eager entrepreneurs without worrying about anyone complaining about it. These people WANT to receive your emails.

The email messages sent to a safelist are NOT considered SPAM because the members on the safelist agree to receive emails from the other members on the safelist. Sending email messages to safelists is completely safe and legal. It is by far the easiest and safest way to advertise your products and services by email.

Who Will Receive Your Email Messages?

The kind of people that will be receiving your email messages are online business owners, business opportunity seekers and other online marketers. People just like you!

If you are looking to promote a product or service on the Internet by email, then using Auto Safelist Submitter, you can deliver your email messages to a hungry audience of thousands. In the old days, this used to take forever, but our program makes it super simple.

These people are just like yourself who are interested and aggressively seeking new products and opportunities -- and they have money to spend! Most of these marketers eagerly snatch up every product they can find to help them make more money online. Now YOU can take advantage of this powerful opportunity by exposing them to your product or service.

This Program Is So Easy To Use, A Nine Year Old Could Do It - Includes Full Video Tutorials!

Using the submitter is a piece of cake. You simply join the safelists, Add them into the submitter and type in your email message, push a few buttons, and your message is immediately blasted out to thousands of double opt-in recipients (100% Spam Free)!

You only have to set the program once, and then it works for you completely hands-free from that point forward. Your time will be freed up to do what's most important... finding new ways to get your product or service out to more people (and making more money!).



Here's your ONE-TIME chance to grab this killer 7 day email seminar on...

"Safelist Secrets - How To Drive Hoards Of Traffic To Your Site At The Push Of A Button!"
s every time!)

Day 1:
First day explains what safelists are and how they can help you drive a crazy stampede of traffic to anywhere you desire...

Day 2:
Explains the differences between free and PRO safelists, what are the benefits of upgrading to PRO and if you should really upgrade at all!

Day 3:
Teaches you how to design, write and create killer ads that practically forces people to click on your link(s).

Day 4:
Tell you the RIGHT WAYS on how to use safelists as a brilliant lead generator to your newsletter or a partners website if you're his/her affiliate.

Day 5:
Uncovers some powerful ways of finding the top safelists and how to join them in the first place... including the precautions you should take before you join any of them.

Day 6:
Here you'll learn how to effectively submit to safelists for maximum results, and what mistakes to avoid when doing so...

Day 7:
Will reveal how to take care of safelist email issues, provide you with the best services and a few precautions to watch out for when choosing a free email account...

You will receive the first lesson in a matter of seconds.
* Your information will never be sold or shared with anyone.
I respect your privacy and hate SPAM with a passion.


How Am I Able To Reach So Many People Daily?

The Internet Marketing arena is growing at a wildly fast pace, and smart marketers are joining safelists by the hundreds each and every day. That means you will never run out of fresh prospects to expose your product to. Imagine standing in front of a parade of hungry entrepreneurs who are ready to buy what you have to offer. THAT'S the power of safelists (but only if you do it RIGHT).

We supply you with everything! Once you order Auto Safelist Submitter, you will be able to easily join as many safelists as you want... simply and easily. We even give you a ton of lists that are compatible with our program, so you can get started immediately.

Every email you send to a safelist goes to the mailbox of every subscriber in that safelist. Multiply the number of safelists by the average number of prospects and it is many thousands of prospects per day! That's a LOT of income potential, my friend. safelist submitter

Here's What You Get When You Order Today...

  • Auto Safelist  Submitter? - You will receive the latest full version of the Auto Safelist  Submitter? and unlimited upgrades. This powerful, amazing easy-to-use software can blast your email ads with just a few clicks! Auto-Post to hundreds of Safelists w/1-Click! With No hassles! Instant delivery! Absolutely NO waiting! (100% Spam Free).

  • Automatically Email Many Thousands of Prospects Every Day (100% Opt-in) - Using the submitter and our list of compatible optin safelists you will be able to blast your email ad to thousands upon thousands of optin recipients. (These optin safelists are 100% optin and legal to use! You will never have to worry about receiving SPAM complaints or loosing your Internet Service Provider).

  • A comprehensive list of HOT Auto Safelist  Submitter? compatible safelists - You get access to lists of opt-in safelists that are 100% compatible with the Auto Safelist  Submitter?. This list have been tested and found to be compatible with our submitter, and will continue to grow as we add more and more safelists as we find them.

  • Add an UNLIMITED Amount of Ads - You can enter an unlimited amount of ads into the Auto Safelist  Submitter? database so you always have them right at your finger tips. Plus, you can reuse each ad as often as you want. There's no need to toss away a quality ad. You can run the same ad month after month, and get more mileage out of every ad you create.

  • Automatic Safelist Joiner - Automatically join the lists that are Auto-join compatible by using this newly added feature! This will save you hours or even days from manually subscribing to safelists. Imagine how much time you'd waste if you joined 100 safelists, and each one took 5 minutes to join. Auto Safelist Submitter allows you to spend your time on the fun aspects of your business, instead of wasting time doing tasks that should be automated.

  • Auto POP3 Email Box Cleaner  - Allows you to remove all of your emails that are in a POP 3 email account with out having to download them to your PC. Works with all POP3 email accounts.

  • Add your own safelist to the Auto Safelist Submitter database - Now you can attract even more prospects by creating your own safelist (it's easy to do) that you own and control. We'll gladly add your list to our database, which will drive even more hungry prospects right into your hands.

  • Send Auto Safelist Submitter to your System Tray - When you are not using the Auto Safelist Submitter you can send Auto Safelist  Submitter to your system tray saving you room on your desktop. You can relax, knowing that it's working hard for you in the background.

  • Schedule Your Posting Times  - This feature let's you tell the submitter how often you can post to a certain safelist. Some safelists let you post only once per week or every second or third day. So with this new feature you will always get your ads in at the perfect time... without having to even think about it.

  • Safelist Popup Blocker -With this feature you can turn ON/OFF all those annoying popups that a lot of safelists have on their website. We took every measure possible to make sure that your PC screen will not be over run by annoying windows popping up all over the place.

  • Easy to install / un-install - Auto Safelist Submitter is easy to install and un-install from any computer system running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000. You'll be up and running within minutes.

  • Powerful and Easy User-Friendly Interface - Auto Safelist  Submitter is very easy to use and comes loaded with Video & Audio tutorials for each step so anyone can learn how to use it. It's so simple that even a newcomer to Internet Marketing can easily begin promoting their opportunities, products, or services and do very well.

  • This program is NOT server dependent - Some products force you to log into their server in order to use it, but what happens when their website goes down? We fixed this problem, so that you never have to worry about it.

  • No Monthly Fees! - Some other safelist submitting services will charge you a monthly membership fee to send your email ads (up to $299.00 dollars per year!) By purchasing our bargain priced Auto Safelist  Submitter you will have no monthly fees in order to send your emails because the software will be yours to keep.

    All the opt-in email safelists we supply you with have a FREE membership option, so you can send your email ads at no extra cost. You simply buy the software once, set up your safelists, and you can use it as often as you want to promote all of your products and services, forever!

  • Be More Productive By Saving Hundreds Of Hours With This Program - Never again get tired of posting to safelists or finding new safelists to join. You will now always have access to our growing list of 100% compatible safelists we compile and release. Now you can begin saving hours of your time from posting to safelists manually and begin focusing on doing some other more important things.

  • Lifetime Free Upgrades - You will get unlimited free updates of any new versions of the Auto Safelist Submitter that we may release in the future.

  • Unlimited Customer Support - We provide unlimited customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our members area includes comprehensive help video tutorials and more! We have recently added a message forum where you can discuss the development of the Auto Safelist Submitter with other Internet Marketers. You won't find better email and chat support anywhere around.

This Sounds Great! How Much Does It Cost?

This is actually the best news of all... Auto Safelist  Submitter is one of the biggest bargains available today. There's only a few good auto-safelist submitters out there, and almost all of them charge you a high monthly fee to use their service. The problem with that is once you stop paying, you can't use their service anymore. To hell with that!

Our closest competitor charges a monthly fee of $24.95 (that works out to $299.40 per year), but Auto Safelist Submitter is different. Once you buy it, it's yours to keep forever.

When you think about the hundreds of hours you'll save using this breakthrough program, the low price of $117.00 dollars is clearly a bargain.

But wait... I'm not even going to charge you the full price of $117.00 dollars. No way, I want you to be a customer of mine for life, so I'm going to give you a special deal if you order right now.

  • You won't pay a ridiculously high monthly fee like those other guys charge...

  • You won't even pay the full price of 117.00 dollars...

When you order right now, your only investment is a  one time fee of 47 dollars. That's it... 47 bucks to own this software forever - (I can see you smiling already).

Oops. Wait... I almost forgot your bonus! You see SMASS is a safelist submission software only. It doesn't come with any turnkey safelist directories. In other words it's up to YOU to invest your time finding the absolute best targeted and effective safelist directories on the web. One you find them, you join them and let SMASS automate the submission process.

Yea! I hear you. This could take ages as you'll need to find at least 50+ TOP safelist directories to get decent traffic. Well the truth is as long as it could and will take, your time really does pay off. And now the bonus I'm about to reveal to you solves this problem hands down.

In fact with it's database of 2,500+ World's TOP Safelist directories, you won't ever find yourself spending a single minute in seeking for new safelists as this bonus comes in form of an eBook software that's automatically updated for you.

But now only that, it's also a safelist organizer allowing you to store your favorite safelists, organize them, store their passwords, descriptions, links etc... (You won't really need the organizer feature to store the passwords and links, as this is what SMASS already does for you since it has to log in automatically in order to proceed with it's submissions.)

safelist traffic software
The Safelist eBook software not only organizes, tracks, and stores your safelist info, but it also contains a database of over 2,500+ World's BEST safelist directories. Just load them up into SMASS and let the traffic come...

Separately Sold For: US$47.00



BONUS 2: Website Conversion Secrets (with Resale Rights)

safelist submitterThis new manual that was just released, shows you how to make more money from the SAME people who come to your site.

With SMASS you can easily get hundreds of laser targeted people visiting your website a day. But what use is that traffic, when you have a poor sales copy that that doesn't sell or persuade your visitor to take action, whether it's buying your product/service, joining your newsletter, or even signing up to your free membership.

By reading this point-form manual -- you can easily make double the profits *without* doubling your traffic, and that's exactly what you need. But it's not only for your own personal use, you'll also be authorized to sell this truly hot-selling product, with the complete "ready-to-go" 13 page sales letter.

Separately Sold For:


Just to ease your natural scepticism, take a look what other's had to say about SMASS:

"In the past I have used other safelist submitters, but none of them are as reliable as this one.

Finally, someone has added a some key features that make submitting to safelists so much easier. Your submitter has many features I can't live without that save me so much time. Being less expensive than the competition is all that much better. I run my own safelist service that provides over a thousand safelists to my Members, I recommend your safelist submitter to all of them as the #1 Best Safelist Submitter for the job!"

Don Kinney

"Hi guys I just thought I'd let you know that I just reviewed all of the popular safelist submitters on the market for my new site safelist tips site and SMASS came out on top.

I have so far not seen any other submitter match the flexibility of your software. You guys also offer great support and are always upgrading/improving your software... these are two very important things that most people overlook."

John Gorecki

"This product is so great that the first day I used it, I got so excited about it that I couldn't sleep the whole night. In the past I tried sending bulk email my self and lost my ISP and hosting service.

This submitter is everything you've promised and more. It submits my email to thousands of recipients and I don't have to worry about any trouble from my ISP. I have also seen a 400% increase in daily traffic to my web site.

You are not in the Internet marketing business if you don't own this it is a must have product."

Michael Filsaime

"I really love your software! I simply add the safelists to the submitter and can immediately start posting to all of them. In the past I spent at least 5 hours a day posting to safelists, but now with your Auto Safelist Submitter I can take care of this in no-time.

I simply hit 'Post to All Safelists', and then I can take care of more important things while the software submits my email ad automatically to thousands. I simply LOVE it!

I will definitely tell all my friends and business partners about this outstanding product of yours."

Frank H. Svendsen

"Your safelist software submitter is excellent and your customer service is superb! With so many safelists out there it was taking me hours to manually log in to each safelist and post my ad.

With your software this is all taken care of. I just run the software and let it run on my computer desktop! The 'Auto-Join' feature is a great time saver and the list of compatible safelists just keeps growing! Keep up the good work!"

Randy Kirschner

"Thank you for a well thought out package of software! Your safelist submitter has helped me gain numerous hits for my website.

The setup instructions and video tutorials are excellent and the complete package is an excellent investment. I strongly recommend this product to anyone promoting a business opportunity, product or service on the Internet."

John Wheeler

"Thank you for developing the Auto Safelist Submitter! As the marketing manager at MyInweb using your excellent time saving software is a real pleasure and I highly recommend it to every Internet marketer to use."

John Austwick
Marketing Manager MyInweb Systems


Is it Guaranteed?... You Bet It Is!

Don't Even Decide Now - Try It For 90 Days First!

You don't have to make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and download your copy of this treasure-trove of traffic-generators right now. Play with the software and tools. Start the traffic stream.

In fact - play with it for 90 days. THREE WHOLE MONTHS. Try it out. If you aren't watching floods of traffic come to your sites or to your partners site (if you're an affiliate), if you don't agree this software isn't drawing in hungry buyers like a dog draws fleas - just let me know and I'll send you every single last penny of your money back. All of it.

No questions asked. No hassle. No explanation needed. That simple.

So you take absolutely no risk by downloading your copy right now.

I'll take all the risk - and you enjoy the benefits. What could be more fair?

There's absolutely no risk on your part, so go ahead and secure your copy of Auto Safelist Submitter. Click here to order right now.

Claim Your Copy of "Automatic Safelist Submitter Software" In The Next 5 Minutes...

YES Andre! I want safelist softwareAutomatic Safelist Submitter software so that I can send my email message to thousands of targeted buyers. I also understand that WHENEVER there's a new software update, I'll be notified via email as soon as possible, so I can instantly download the latest version.

I understand this offer has a 90-day ironclad money-back guarantee. So if the software does not deliver what it promised, I can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

I further understand that I'm getting 2 bonuses at no charge -- which I would have to normally pay $74.00 if I were to purchase them separately. I guess it's my lucky day!

Furthermore, I understand that because of legal issues, no income or traffic promises are made, and my success cannot be legally guaranteed. The success of my results is ENTIRELY dependent me, although I'll be guided every step of the way with video's I can watch any time. On that basis, here's my $47, and I'll be able to download my all materials after I click on the button below and it doesn't matter whether it's 3 AM in the morning.

(All Orders Are Processed Through Paypal's Secure Servers)

And Remember -- this software will only be available at this price for a limited time. As we continue adding more features to the software, our price will rise. So don't wait to own your own copy, and get started promoting your business today...

Andre Vas
Andre Vas


P.S. - Nowhere else can you find all these powerful features in one piece of software. You'll gain instant access to Auto Safelist Submitter, so you can get started right away.

P.P.S. - Just think, you can begin driving traffic to your website right away. You're only minutes away from making more money, getting more Ezine subscribers, meeting JV partners, and announcing your affiliate program to thousands of eager prospects. Go ahead and order Auto Safelist Submitter right now.

P.P.P.S. - Did I mention that supplies are going fast, and there's a limited number of these products currently available? Don't delay in ordering what could literally transform your income, and the way you view marketing online, forever.


"Part of what I do at SafelistSupplies.com is test tools safelist users may use. I've poked and prodded several Safelist Auto Submitters that are available and I believe SMASS is possibly the easiest to use and most feature rich Safelist Submitter available.

Features and functions such as Auto-Join and Auto-Post are perfect examples of how this great program can save any safelist user many hours of work. I believe SMASS will be an extremely useful tool in any safelisters arsenal."

Matt Western

"As a web/vb developer for 10+ years I know good software when I see it. and your Auto Safelist Submitter is just that.

Incredibly good software! To put it simply, IT WORKS!

It does everything it says it does, and it does it well! I LOVE IT! and I'm a hard nut to please. Thanks for the great software guys! here's a heads-up for you!"

Tom Brett


System Requirements:

PC Requirements

  • Pentium 150 or greater recommended.
  • 32MB RAM or more, depending on O/S.
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, or Windows Emulator on Mac.
  • 3MB of hard drive space plus space for downloaded files.
  • Netscape 3.0 or higher, or MS Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.

Macintosh Requirements

safelist submitter

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